“I enjoyed working with Synaptic Healthcare as they put the hospitalist program together. I was part of the initial staff, and benefitted from the development of a collegial atmosphere. I enjoyed working with all of the other staff involved in the hospitalist program. The program was also helpful to the primary care staff, relieving a lot of the call burden, and relieving some of the stress associated with responsibility for both inpatient and outpatient medicine.

All my interactions with Synaptic so far have been positive.”

– Derek Gilbert, M.D., Hospitalist

Hospitalist Programs

The purpose of a hospitalist program is to improve coordination of care, quality of care, and patient confidence and satisfaction. A dedicated inpatient program improves staff and provider satisfaction through better quality, availability and communication. An added side benefit is to provide relief from call responsibilities for primary care physicians.

Improving Palliative Care

Palliative Care is comprehensive, compassionate, holistic healthcare that meets the special needs of patients experiencing serious illness. We provide patients and their families with physical, emotional, spiritual support while helping to relieve symptoms to improve quality of life. Our gentle approach to chronic serious illness and end-of-life care gives patients choices in their own care, upholds their dignity and helps them find meaning in life. Even when a cure is not possible, healing may occur.

“The evidence is unarguably clear at this
point that the early employment of palliative
care resources lengthens and improves quality
of life for those with serious life-limiting or
life-threatening conditions.”

– Pastor Steve Rice, Clinical Chaplain
and community leader

"Having observed the Hospitalist and Palliative Care programs in action, both as a patient and as an advisor, I strongly support this as a way to provide broader and better overall patient care. These programs provide continuous care for persons with complicated or chronic conditions.”

– James Lucas, Attorney