Solutions Overview

  • Hospitalist Programs: startup, restructuring,
    coaching, customized development
  • Hospice and Palliative Care: startup, coaching,
    restructuring, customized development
  • Integrative Pain Management Programs
  • Peri-operative Programs
  • Primary Care and Specialty Programs
  • Medical Leadership: coaching and development
  • Tools and Resources: forms, evaluations, guides,
    feasibility studies, program coordination
  • Customized Communications

Medical Leadership

Synaptic provides medical leadership and expertise tailored
to meet the unique organizational needs of each client. Services include onsite, in-person interaction as well as teleconference consultations to meet a range of needs. Small organizations may require medical oversight and advisory services. Other facilities
need a Chief Medical Officer.

Healthcare Business Planning & Development

Synaptic Healthcare guides the growth of new programs, and
fine tunes existing programs. We collaborate with our clients
to develop growth opportunities for the communities they serve.

We design programs by:

  • developing cohesive policies
  • identifying contract considerations and setting
    negotiation conditions
  • proposing a workable organizational structure:
    employment models and contracts
  • proposing a menu of services and appropriate
    coverage models
  • defining staffing needs, scheduling and other
    operational criteria
  • developing performance standards and
    adherence monitoring
  • developing program budgets

New Program Implementation

  • strategic planning and timelines
  • assist in drafting policies, procedures, forms,
    communication tools and documents
  • assist with recruitment, retention and incentive
    compensation modeling
  • develop performance-monitoring tools and
    assessment guides

Customized Communications

Promotional Videos

  • educational conferences documentation
  • healthcare forums documentation
  • patient education videos
  • community based media
  • retention
  • recruitment
  • advertisement
  • standards of accountability
  •